Top Tips to Manage Your Team Effectively

//Top Tips to Manage Your Team Effectively

Managing teams can be challenging virtually as well as physically. How to manage your team is a dilemma faced by business owners, freelance supervisors, and top managers.Although, there are no shortcuts to increasing productivity of your team there are strategies that you can implement to better manage your workforce.

Here are a few team management tips for effective team management:

1. Create a work system

Everyone has an individualistic way of going about doing their tasks. Managers should set a standard work system so that time taken to achieve the desired results can be shortened and the tasks can be tailored to allow the use of everyone’s best abilities.

2. Maintain good communications

In order to effectively manage your team, the manager should establish a two-fold communication. It’s essential the manager keep the subordinates in the loop and inform them of ongoing things in the organization. Making yourself accessible encourages togetherness and also leaves no space for conflict.

3. Engage in resolving conflicts

All managers require problem solving skills. Effective managers should not ignore conflicts in the work environment. Because conflicts within the staff can obstruct the overall productivity of the team.Members of a team perform better when there is no unresolved tension within the team. That’s why a manager should address any conflict immediately and find a solution to build better relationships among the team members.

Alternatively, a manager can train his team to manage conflicts by themselves by employing the means of relation building exercises and encouraging camaraderie.

4. Employ the help of team management tools

Team management tools like Trello, Asana, Microsoft Project and more are ideal to plan, organize and keep track of projects, resources, and deadlines. These tools help send out alerts, reminders and periodic overview of everything else without much clutter.

Additionally, Google Docs and other applications including time tracking apps and productivity apps help manage your team with more ease.

5. Provide detailed deliverables

Instead of simply delegating a task, provide a clear and detailed descriptions of the project to  the team members with the help of a set of instructions including a format, references, and examples of what result you wish to see. But give them enough freedom to follow a less than a few of those guidelines too in order avoid potential misunderstandings.

6. Recognize good work

Some bosses and managers cultivate a bad reputation due to their habit of only giving feedback when there is something bad to say. Constructive criticism and acknowledgment are key.By providing your team with a positive feedback you reinforce their confidence and motivate them to work harder.

Recognizing and rewarding people based on their skills also assists in pinpointing the responsible members of a team.

7. Be assertive

A good team manager is able to assert authority and make good decisions for the team.Leadership is not for the faint of heart. Managers can’t be flaky. It’s important for them to stick to their guns and go with what you think is best for the team.

8. Set an example

Team members look up to their managers and/or supervisors and also turn to them for inspiration and guidance. If you want to manage your team, it’s important that you set a good example and gain respect.

Behave professionally, commit to your team and support them. It will develop their commitment to you, their job and also make sure your job is done right and your career develops along with your team’s productivity.

In conclusion

Having to manage your team can become a Herculean task if you lack the skills and/or resources of a leader. Stick these team management tips and you will notice a dramatically significant rise in team productivity.


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