4 SEO Tactics That Will Get Your Domain Name Banned

//4 SEO Tactics That Will Get Your Domain Name Banned

Discover the 4 SEO tactics that can get your domain name banned! Avoid Black Hat and risky SEO techniques when creating content for your website! While many of these are innocent or naïve mistakes, some are obvious attacks of the rules set by Google and other major search engines. At one time, most of these attacks aren’t considered as a problem. However, through the years, they have become much more frequents and today they are known as red flag problems. Google and other search engines have very strict rules when it comes to red flag problems and they have certain ways to punish these websites for breaking their rules. The punishments can be a one-month drop in the organic rankings or total ban of the domain name from the online search results.

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4 SEO Tactics to Avoid

These 4 SEO tactics can easily get your domain name banned. Make sure to avoid them!

  1. Invisible Text White text on white background is strictly forbidden. You cannot use the same color for your background and the same color for your text as the text becomes invisible and this is a trick used to hide keywords for ranking. Hiding the text is one of the oldest tricks you could possibly do which makes it the most obvious as well.
  2. Paid Links You will be surprised to hear how many people pay to have links on a high page rank website to increase their site’s ranking and improve their organic search results. At first, the search engines didn’t consider this as an attack, but today Google have strict rules about paid links and link exchange programs.
  3. Doorway Pages These are web pages or websites that are optimized for a certain keyword. The problem occurs is that these web pages or websites direct the visitor to the main website when any URL or hyperlink is clicked. The search engines don’t like these methods and your domain can be banned from their search results for good.
  4. Keyword Stuffing – Keyword stuffing is a term used when the same keyword is repeated many times in a text. This has been considered as a problem since the first web page was created for SEO purposes. Even though, this can be an innocent mistake, make sure to pay attention to the amount of keyword used on the web page. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: How to Choose Your Website Niche Domain & Hosting: Essential Tips to Follow


Avoid these 4 tactics as they can easily get your domain banned from the search results index.

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