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Domain Auction: Buy and Sell Distinctive Domains

What is a domain auction? How to buy and sell on a domain auction? Get all important information here including how to buy and sell distinctive domain names on a domain auction!

About Online Domain Auctions Sites

Finding a great domain name for your website or online business might be getting simpler thanks to the various domain registrars available. Even though there are hundreds of domain registrars online, the hardest part is finding a suitable domain name that is available.

One possible way to find a perfect and available domain name is domain auction. If you are in the domain market to buy or sell a domain, there are lots of great platforms that are waiting to help you make that happen. The platforms such as GreatDomains, Afternic, Bido.com, and many others operate in a similar way when compared to online auctions websites such as eBay. Considering the fact that thousands of domains are purchased, sold or dropped every day, the number of domain names available for resale or auction grows constantly.

Depending on the auction site you are going to choose, the sellers will usually be charged a fee and a small sale commission. The sellers can list their domains and choose the pricing options such as minimum offer, setting a reserve, and others.

If you are buying a domain name on an online auction, ensure you have information on the availability of the domain name and select a reputable auction site that provides a suitable buyer protection.

Let’s see how you can buy and sell distinctive domains on auctions sites!

Buying Distinctive Domains at Auction: Beginner’s Guide

There are hundreds of websites that offer domain auctions such as SnapNames, Afternic, Sedo, Flippa, NameJet, Ebay, and GoDaddy. All these platforms are reliable and a great source from where you can purchase a distinctive domain name for your website.

The first step when buying a domain name on an auction site is to enter the keyword (if you have a certain domain topic or keyword in mind). If you don’t have a certain keyword or domain topic in mind, search through the listings until you find something suitable.

Once you find a distinctive domain name you like it is time to place your bid. When placing a bid on a domain auction site you can use tools such as DNSalePrice.com or NameBio.com and compare the sale prices of the previous domain names. Keep in mind that .com is sold higher than other TLDs.

If you win the bid, the seller will contact you in order to arrange the transfer. If you are not sure what you need to do, check the auction website’s guide where you can find additional information. If you lose the bed, you won’t pay for the domain name, which means that you can keep bidding on other domains.

Negotiating with the owner is an important step when buying domains at an auction. You can negotiate directly with the owner by using WHOIS records to find information about who owns the domain name.

Selling Distinctive Domains at Auction: Beginner’s Guide

The first step is choosing a domain name auction marketplace. If you like, you can use the same marketplace as you would use to buy a distinctive domain.

The next step is pricing the domain name with a valuation tool. Keep in mind that premium domains come at a higher price tag, older domains are usually worth more as well as domain names with high traffic. The domain names that are already earning money have more value as well.

The next step is pitching your buyers. In your sales listing, make sure to include – age & expiration date, traffic volume, and income earnings.

The final step is transferring the domain name to the buyer. Every domain registrar has its own procedure for this. Contact the registrar if you need more information.

A Final Word

Both, buyers and sellers may want to take advantage of the Website Escrow Service in order to protect both parties whole domain is transferred and payment clears.

Here’s some of the most popular tools that you can check: https://www.shopify.com/tools/domain-name-generator

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